Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Book That THEY Don't Want You to Read, Part 3 by Andy Ritchie - A Review

5 stars, but....

How can you do that to your readers? Just end the book with several unanswered questions? What's on the Researcher's P.I.U? What is the black tentacle stuff? Those two questions above all others are making my eye twitch because I can't find out! 

You've got to write a sequel and give us/me the answers! 

Besides that slightly disappointing state of affairs, the book is wonderful. It's not as jam-packed with action as book 2 was but that's ok. I found myself sad that it was about to be over. 

If you like aliens, sci-fi, and good writing you will like this book. By the way, dear author, I absolutely LOVED what "The One" was. I laughed out loud and thoroughly enjoyed that. There was a lot of humor in this book, a few satisfying scenes where the Bad Guys get theirs, but I am so sad that it left me with a void. 

On a related note, I am awed and astonished by how much work the author did for this book series. Creating an alien bureaucracy complete with several tedious documents with subsections, a different way of telling time, and including samples of all that in the appendices... well, I respect the heck out of that. 

This is a well put-together series, a fresh take on storytelling, an exciting plot with characters that develop organically as the story rolls on, humor, philosophical musings, bureaucracy gone mad, and all told in a way that kind-of makes you believe THEY are going to come bust down your door because you read The Book That THEY Don't Want You To Read. 

Buy these books. You won't be disappointed. 

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