Monday, October 20, 2014

Editing You Can Afford - RRBC Members Get 1 Chapter Free!

So, you've finished your book. Congratulations! You've perfected every sentence until it rings with the glory of your talent. You've scoured the text with your (likely) myopic eyes for errors. Did you find them all?

Are you sure?

See, no matter how great an author you are, and I have no doubt that you are, you've made mistakes. A missing quotation mark, tense issues, passive verb issues, too many adverbs, plot loose ends...

You're too close to the story to see it objectively.

That's where I come in. When you're vacillating between "My story is the next great literary masterpiece!" and "It's horrible. I should just give up,"  that's when you need a professional editor to step in and really dig deep into your work.

It's a bit like open heart surgery - you hand over your manuscript and let a total stranger tinker around with the internal workings.

Sometimes you get bad news - major structure issues, a hundred extraneous commas, plot too weak. Sometimes you get good news - excellent world-building, great dialogue, plot kept me guessing the whole time.
Most times you'll get both.

After the procedure you will be confident that the mistakes have been eliminated and your story is stronger for having been through all of the nitpicking.

Here's what happens when you hire me: I operate on a per chapter basis. That means you don't have to pony up $6000 up front. Not even close. You send me one chapter, I edit it according to the package you've chosen, I send it back to you and give you my feedback, you give me your feedback. We move on to the next chapter. Easy!

I have 3 editing packages and 1 formatting package for you to choose from. Check out the website here for thorough information. The lowest package is $5 per chapter and the highest is $30 per chapter. **For now. Prices will go up one day!**

It's like financing so that you pay over time. We can do a chapter a day or a chapter a month - it's up to you. Regardless of the package you choose, we will work on that one chapter until you are absolutely satisfied before moving on. (I also will do a whole manuscript for 1 cent per word, price will go up one day.)

I'm nowhere near the industry standard cost. Why? Because I know that most indie authors can't justify spending that much money up front for uncertain success. Do I want to earn industry standard for my work? Yes, but I want to help you more. I am passionate about helping indie authors.

Members of Rave Reviews Book Club get a one chapter Comprehensive Edit free. It doesn't have to be chapter 1 either. If you're not a member, be sure to join and list @AprilAdamsNovel as having referred you. Nothing has helped me as an author more than joining and "paying it forward" purchasing books and posting reviews. If you do nothing else, do that and get involved. It's brilliant.

I've worked with PH Solomon's short story The Black Bag and Andy Ritchie's new novel Fractured Time, coming soon. I'd like to work with you too.

Visit the website and let's get started! Included with any package is my free "Author Pre-Publication Checklist" which has valuable information to help ensure your success.

I look forward to working with you!

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