Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Book That THEY Don't Want You to Read, Part 2 by Andy Ritchie - A Review

Can I give it 6 stars?

This book was non-stop awesome. You definitely must read Part 1 first or you'll be lost. 

This go round, Jethro uses a voice recorder and a notebook and the more detailed account lends itself to more thorough storytelling even in the diary format, so I found myself more immersed in the action - which I loved. 

There were some genuinely funny parts that made me truly laugh. Some parts made me cringe and nearly cry. Diary entry 42 is rough. I was holding my newborn when I read it... just read the book and you'll know why that was rough. Also, apparently a "fanny" in the UK is not the same as in the US. I was confused for a few seconds until I realized that. Lol. 

I think it ends at a good point since the action has died down a smidge but there are still enough unanswered questions to make you rush out and buy book 3, which I will be doing tomorrow.

This plot is amazingly original. I dig alien movies, TV, books, and all but have never seen a plot quite like this one. It's delightfully refreshing. It's not too technical and gives just enough of the science to let the reader connect with the ideas presented. We get a closer look at Tukaal in this part and he's a fascinating specimen.

I read this book in a day. It was that good. Go get your copy now! It really is a great read.

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