Sunday, August 10, 2014

Review of Mystic Tea by Rea Nolan Martin

I give it 4.5 stars! Rea Nolan Martin did a wonderful job with this story.

A Satisfying, Feel-Good Read.

This book is more about character development than plot - not that it doesn't have plot! It does! That's why I like it so much. The characters are real and raw and the plot is surprising in places. What I most appreciate about it is that it colors faith with the many shades of doubt, uncertainty, indefinably, and inexplicable hope that anyone with faith invariably experiences. As a woman of faith I appreciated it very much. I don't know anything about Catholicism, which is the faith presented in this book, so I don't know if it's a fair representation. What I do know is that it was presented in a respectful and honest way that made me like the nuns at the monastery very much.

I loved Arielle and her irreverence. The colorful chorus of nuns makes the monastery feel like home. It was a place I wanted to go and maybe why I finished the book in 2 days! I didn't want to put it down. It's definitely a book written for women to appreciate but it could be enjoyed by an open-minded man.

It blends mysticism with Catholicism in a seamless way. There are some very deep thoughts and musings presented from the different women. It's a very philosophical book. Mother Augusta and her mystic teas draw together the plot threads and bundle them up, steep them in mystery, and get served piping hot at the end. There are no cliff-hangers or unresolved plot-lines. The end is satisfying. I cried a bit... not gonna lie. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a satisfying read and a feel-good ending.

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