Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Curse by Dale Furse - An Honest Review

I have to give this book 3 stars. 

I want to make one thing clear, the book's premise is very good. I enjoyed the story line. I just couldn't get into it as much as I wanted to. It reads like a first draft or maybe a screenplay. It may just be that I don't connect with the author's style, but in my opinion the book could do with being run through a few beta readers or an editor. There were parts of the story that seemed disjointed, the dialogue felt not-quite-right, the character made decisions in a split second without putting you through any internal struggle or process. The transitions from one situation to the next were very sudden. I felt a bit slapped around and several times I had to re-read a few pages after going, "Huh?" Maybe it's just me.

It was kind-of like one of those old wooden roller coasters - fun, but it whips you around and you're a bit dazed after. I think that with just a bit of work this book could definitely be 5 stars. Or a great movie. I'd totally watch it if it were made into a movie.

The book is about 3 (and more) alien races and the main character, Nell, is a blend of 2 of them who looks human and lived on Earth until just before her 17th birthday when the "changes" would begin. The story line is very original, the different races were intriguing. I thought it might be an allusion to the horrors of racism. This story follows Nell through her coming of age and the machinations of those who would destroy her. Good stuff.

Like I said, I liked the premise but the crafting of the story could use some tweaking. Definitely worth the money I paid for it on Kindle. It's a fast read, too. Read it in about 5 hours. If the author does some tweaking I would love to check it out and revise my review. I'm an author too, and I hope my critiques are not too harsh and can help in making a good book great.

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