Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Red Plus Zone by Andy Ritchie - A Review

Red Plus Zone takes place in England in a world where time has shattered. This "Shattering" takes place in the near-future of Sam McCall's world. All over the world lay pockets of varying time zones. In a few places, time runs at normal speed. In others, time can be at a dead stop or speeding by, years ticking past in a single standard second.

Very few people would approach a Red Plus Zone, an area where time is greatly accelerated, unless they have a death wish. DCI (Detective Chief Inspector) Sam McCall finds himself doing just that when he's called to the scene of a brutal murder.

It's not enough that the body is half-out and half-in a Red Plus Zone, leaving one side freshly dead and the other a weather-worn skeleton. It's not enough that PTSD hits Sam with nightmares so violent and disturbing that he wakes in a pool of sweat. It's not enough that he's supposed to solve this murder on very little sleep. It's not enough that his precious pills - a highly prized commodity due to the Shattering - have finally run out. This body just had to belong to one of the richest men in the UK.

**I had the privilege of editing this manuscript. If you like sci-fi, if you like expert world building, if you like a good crime drama, if you like unpredictable plots and prickly characters, you will love Red Plus Zone.**

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