Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Welcome to guest author J.L. McFadden!

I'd like to welcome J.L. McFadden to the Indie Authors and Reviews Blog! Let's get started!


How long have you been writing?

Well, as far as books I have been writing for around three years, but as far as articles for different sites and news sources about six years; I have written for various blogs including a Ukrainian site that asked me to write about historical pasts of countries that they don’t hear about often. I love history, so it was an honor.

What is your writing style?

All of the books I have put out are Paranormal Romance, but I have some in the works that are Mystery and Dystopian. 


What are your favorite characters that you have created? 

I have two that are my favorites: Adela and Priest. Let’s start with Adela, she is a vampire that was turned in 1215, she watched her family be murdered in front of her by the very man that turns her as punishment for her rejecting him. She goes on through history and becomes one of the strongest vampires and eventually gets her revenge on him. She is torn in a love triangle, one that she feels guilty about, because of one of her ancestors who Adela turned to save is attached to this man through a bond that gives her human lover supernatural strength.  Gala is a snotty girl who treats her Guardian – the man bonded to her – as a curse and Adela is always trying to get Gala to calm down while Adela herself is attracted to him – she sacrifices her wants for what she feels is best for Gala – but for how long?

Priest is a vampire hunter that had his clan of hunters slaughtered; Adela saved him and they both work together to find out who slaughtered his group and to go after vampires that target humans.

What is on your reading list these days?

I love Fiction, but for the most part I stay buried in History, Philosophy and a lot of Science Journals.  My favorite author of all time is Terry Pratchett though.

Are there any methods to your writing?

To start with, I believe that you need to be honest to yourself for yourself and your readers. Every author has her/his specialty and needs to capitalize on it. Developing my own style of writing was very important to me. I believe every author needs a different amount of times or books written to find themselves. It took until Choices for me to truly feel in my skin with it.

As far as my method: An idea pops into my head and I take a mental note, go home take a few notes and go back to the book I was working on. I have a line of books waiting to be written at this point in time. I do research when some books are in another area or place, but for the most part, because of being studious of history my whole life I usually can move straight through it.
I also need to be left alone while I am writing; my chinchilla is the only thing that doesn’t bother me while I am writing.

Do you have certain songs you listen to while writing?

Usually, I start out with Hale Storm’s I love the Misery – it always puts me in the mood for writing, but each book has its own play list. I always keep the playlist on my YouTube channel. Another staple is Alice N Chains, Slot and the Pretty Reckless.

Do you have any hobbies?

Most of my life I have studied Jujitsu, but currently I am studying Aikikai Aikido; I am actually the first foreigner excepted into the Crimean Federation of Aikido. I have enjoyed studying from Senseis from around the world - Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and Serbia. Sadly, I have not been there for a Japanese Sensei. One of my favorite things is meeting people from around the world; learn about their culture and language.

Is there a piece of advice you would give to other authors?
Never give up and always strive to be better is the keys to success in anything we do.

Author Bio: 

J.L McFadden was born in  Pennsylvania and spent his life bouncing around the States until beginning to travel the world. Starting out he was a well-known musician in upstate New York that had a heavy playing schedule. Later he went back to his home state to work in the Lumber mills of the mountains. In California working in sales, management and even directed a small moving company until deciding to see the world. His travels around the world have allotted him to not only join an International Aikikai Aikido Federation, but have trained with Sanseis from Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and other European countries. He accounts his journeys and meeting of new people to his broad character types in his books.

Book Blurb: 

While still doubled over, picking up a book, Adela stated with a sultry voice, "One of these days, I am going to make you deliver on all of those promised ideas, running through your head when you watch me." She had a playful sound to her voice with her smile, telling that fulfilling his dreams was not out of the question.



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  3. Thank you, Harmony. Hope all is well with you as well. This interview was a lot of fun.

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  5. I think all artists have moments when they need to step away from something for awhile to fall back in love with it.

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