Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Working on Book 2

A King’s Burden, book 2 in The Legends of Rune Trilogy, is very near completion. I've posted a publishing date of August 2013 on my website, www.writerapriladams.com.
Burden picks up where Shattered left off, but is told from Glenn’s point of view. Here’s the *tentative* cover copy:
Glenn Elambil has a secret and it’s tearing him apart. His new wife is hunted by unfathomable evil, his father is dying, and the weight of the lives of the elven race hangs heavy on his shoulders. All he wants is to hide in the forest, warm and snuggled in the arms of his woman, and raise a family of little Elambils. That tiny dream of warmth and innocence is slipping further away by the minute.
If he has any chance of a long life with his woman, he has to face the overwhelming obstacles head-on. The fate of his world is a distant priority compared to that of his lovely wife. If he could only find a way to keep her safe, the burden wouldn't be so heavy. With dragging steps he walks the path set before him, seeking always to rid himself of the secret he keeps locked in his heart. He would give anything to grow old with her, to see her scarred face wrinkle, but threats and attacks are growing disturbingly commonplace. If they can survive today, perhaps there can be a tomorrow.
If you haven’t gotten your copy of Shattered yet, you can do so here!
The audiobook for Shattered should be out sometime in August, 2013. It’s such an exciting process!

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